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For all those niggling, annoying as f*ck questions you have, but are too afraid to ask in case you look like a dumbass.

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+ What is Wild Spark Copy?

A kick-ass copywriting and editing biz for those who want to take their brand or destination to the next level with killer copy.

+ So, what exactly does a copywriter do?

Besides drinking a crapload of coffee and teaching people about the functional difference between commas and semicolons?

I help people to attract the right audience to their brand through words. I come up with the lingo that connects businesses with their ideal client and has them saying, "I NEED this in my life". I write copy for tourism providers that compels travellers to book their accommodation or destination.

Simply speaking, I use rad words to make cool sh*t happen for awesome brands.

+ Why do I need a copywriter?

When it comes to competing in the digital marketplace and online world, you need to make a killer first impression. And pretty pictures alone just ain't going to cut it.

You need to up the ante. And the 'ante' is your copy.

Because let's get real: copy is more than just words. Your copy is your digital footprint. It's what makes you memorable (and sellable). And that's what ultimately drives your business.

You feel me?

+ I'm a complete newbie at this sh*t. Can you help me?

Fo' sure! Check out my range of copy services. And if you need something more specific, just drop me a line, and we'll talk tacos.

Remember: it's the little details that mean the difference between those who just look - and those who book.

+ How do you know what to write? Like, so it sounds like 'me'?

During our online hangout, I'll get a good feel for you, and I'll ask you lots of insightful questions that will help me to get crystal-clear on your needs and wants as a brand. Plus, my client vision questionnaire will also give me plenty of helpful hints on nailing your unique voice!

Don't worry, you're in good hands.

+ I don't live near you. How are we going to jam together?

Oh, the magic of today's technology! (wipes away nostalgic tears for 90s era communication)

We can Skype, FaceTime, chat on the phone, or connect via email. Heck, we can even be Facebook friends!

I have successfully worked with clients in different time zones and locations all around the world. Wherever you are, wherever your office may be, we can make it happen.

(Psst: Or you can send a private jet and I'll come to you. Because I'm the kinda person who's willing to makes sacrifices like that...)

+ How do I know you're a legit writer?

I may not have mastered everything in life - the secrets of flawless makeup, sticking to a budget, saying no to that fifth donut, and how to adult still elude me.

But when it comes to writing? Look, I don't want to sound like a d-bag, but trust me: I. Know. My. Sh*t. #humblebrag

I also have a Bachelor of Education and have spent the last five years teaching small humans how to craft, compose and execute spectacular pieces of literature with correct grammar, punctuation and syntax, so there's that...

But if you still doubt my skills, feel free to look at my Portfolio or keeping scrolling down to check out some other rad places where my work has been published.

+ What if I'm not feeling something you write? Can I request any changes or edits to your work?

You sure can! In fact, I kind of insist on it.

All service packages come with two rounds of edits and revisions, free of charge to you, so you can be sure you're happy with the end product.

+ You talk like a Mexican gangsta'. Is grammar really that important? (And are you gonna' write my stuff like that?)

Don't let my penchant for mixing Spanish with urban slang fool you; grammar is muy importante, amigo. My job is to uncover and enhance the unique 'voice' of your brand and to communicate your message authentically and professionally.

Do I love playing with bold 'n ballsy language? You betcha'.

But if you're looking for something a little softer - if you need a little water with your whisky - then we can work together to make that happen too. It's all about establishing a collaborative and connected working relationship.

+ I've never hired a copywriter before. Should we work together?

If you can read this page and still dig me, then I'd say we are off to a solid start.

But I'm probably not the copywriter for you if:

  • You don't believe in investing in your copy
  • You want me to work for free (or expect me to churn out best-selling prose for peanuts)
  • You think words are for just for nerds
  • You want me to work on plagiarised or stolen copy. Not cool, amigo
  • You don't want to communicate with me in an open and positive manner (or don't intend to pay me on time)
  • Think 'fiddlesticks' is the worst f-word someone can say

Just sayin'.

+ What are the best words in the world?

The most honest ones.

But if you're looking for some of my favourites? mellifluous. limerence. incandescent. free mini bar.

+ What's your favourite brand of tequila?

Anejo Patrón. With lots of salt and fresh, zesty lime. And a side of guacamole.

+ You know what? I like the sound of your tune.

Thank you!

+ So, how do we get this party started?

Click on that lil' button below and let's talk tacos, amigo!


Look, not to sound like a douchebag or anything, but this ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy.

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