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Sometimes people say nice things about me. Sometimes people say f*cking awesome things about me. This is a collection of the latter.


Wild Spark Copy has been the secret weapon behind my brand.

From day dot, Shanny helped to create my brand’s personality and the direction it has grown in. From selecting playlists to listen to when working on the copy, to being honest and straight up when I had a sh*t idea, Shanny has gone above and beyond, and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else on future projects. In fact, I struggled to put my thoughts into words when writing this testimonial because I have come to rely on Shanny’s advice, guidance, and copy so much!

Shanny has offered far more than EPIC copy - I couldn't put a price tag on her work. The BEST business investment I have made, hands down.

Georgia - Double By Single Wine

I had the good fortune to come across Shanny from Wild Spark Copy in my time of need. My copy sucked; the company I was working with had no f*cking idea what I was talking about, and my website was not reflecting my vision at all - I could see it in my mind, but I just couldn't explain it.

Shanny not only got that sh*t clear for me but built on it with her personal arsenal of sass and wordsmithing. She is a legit go-getter and 100% professional. I received way more than just copy – I got a brand that I’m proud AF to call my own. I can’t wait to work with her again on future projects. (#Legit)

Dan - DHC Coffee

You know how we all have a superpower? Well, Shanny's superpower is words, and she knows how to use them in ways that will blow ya' mind. (And I'm not just saying that - it's the dead-set #truth.)

We hired Shanny (aka our rad word slave) to make us sound hella fresh across all our online and printed shizzle. Shanny was the best motherpupper for the job because, well, she has a furbaby (duh), so she just 'got' our brand right from the get-go. We la-la-loved working with Shanny, who we now also consider an amazing friend. (Nawww.)

We can't wait to find more copy ops for Shanny to make totes paw-some! (Sorry, we had to drop a few puppy puns; we are The Dog Mum after all.)

Emma - The Dog Mum

If I could clone the voices inside my head (specifically, the ones that create the candles at The Prospect Project) to write the raddest damn product descriptions for my site, they would sound like Shanny - except her voice is way funnier, wittier, and more intelligent.

Since having a baby turned my brain to mashed potato, the task of updating the copy on my site had become like an infected boil on my ass-cheek: something I'd prefer not look at, touch, or even think about. Luckily for me, Shanny came to the rescue and created magic words that reignited my motivation for my site and my business!

I cannot thank her enough. Not only does she have an awesome name, but she is also a delightful person. (#NotSponsored)

Shannon - The Prospect Project

I hired Shan to do a small copy job for me, and after receiving the first draft, I asked her to do three more! Shan made sure that my brand’s tone of voice, character and sass flowed through every project she has worked on for me. Copywriting is something that can be completely undervalued, but she’s worth every cent (plus some!)

All of my briefs/drafts were returned on time or early, and even though I had the option for second and third drafts, it was rare that any changes were needed. Shanny’s communication was spot on, meaning the entire process was made so easy, which I really appreciate because as a small biz owner, I already have enough sh*t to worry about!

Emma - Canvast

I chose Wild Spark Copy because I'd read many other positive reviews. I required a website revamp, and after receiving the first draft, I knew I'd made the right decision – it blew me away that they nailed the tone of voice so perfectly!

The entire process was so easy; all communication from the team was prompt, and I thoroughly enjoyed the funny emails from Shanny.

Thank you, Shanny and Lisa - you've honestly exceeded my expectations!

Alexandra - Bondi Boost

So happy to have found Shanny, and even happier that she took my project on and gave my brand a new fresh voice! The highlight for me was reading the first draft and going, ‘Shanny really does give a sh*t about my brand copy being on point.’ 

She is 100% professional and went over and above to deliver on a savage deadline. #forevergrateful 

Megan - Zoe.O The Label

Shanny is a kick-arse copywriter. We chose her to edit one of our info kits, and she completely nailed it. She got our personality and humour down-pat, and I'm 100% certain that everyone who reads the copy will get a little chuckle out of it.

Can't wait for the next project with this legend!

Jess - The Commune Space

Working with Shanny and her team at Wild Spark Copy was the BEST branding decision I ever made - and I'm a fellow creative into all the visuals! But seriously, DO NOT underestimate the power of amazing copy, EVER!

Shanny worked her beautiful magic on the new copy for my website as part of our rebrand transition over to Digital Bloom. Not only was she freakishly amazing with every word she touched, but went above and beyond in her client service – and it’s safe to say, her words are our favourite part of our new brand.

 Shanny is a top chick and reeks of business integrity. I cannot wait to work with her again - I have LOADS of copy that needs her kick-ass word wrangling! Thank you so much, Shanny - I am forever grateful for your rad soul.

Sarah - Digital Bloom

I hired Shanny at Wild Spark Copy to rewrite content for my new website and to develop a Brand Tone of Voice Guide to be used across all touch points of my business. I chose Shan because she stood out from the crowd; from the very beginning, she just ‘got’ my brand and understood how to speak to my ideal customer.

Shanny made sure my brand’s tone of voice was clear throughout all our copy - from the big stuff like our homepage and product descriptions, all the way down to the little details, like our Instagram bio.

Shanny is a very talented copywriter. She is always incredibly helpful, creative, and goes above and beyond to make her clients happy – and talk about fast turn-around time! Working with Shan was AMAZING, and I wish I had found her years ago. I can’t wait to work with Wild Spark Copy again!

Naomi - Bobo&Boo

Shanny is an absolute pleasure to work with! From the moment we ‘heard’ her brand Tone of Voice on Instagram, we knew she was exactly what we were looking for in a copywriter.

What I liked most about working with Shanny was her honesty - she wasn’t afraid to say if she thought her work could be improved upon during the drafting phase. Plus, the initial briefing process helped me to really understand where the brand was coming from. I only wished she was closer to our office so we could work together in person!

Shanny’s professional communication, processes, and briefing documents are next level. She is super thorough in her research, going above and beyond to capture the voice of our brand which she nailed to a tee!

Vanessa - SIN Eyewear

We hired Shanny to edit our existing website copy (a massive task of over 20 pages) to make it more streamlined, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly. After she waved her magic over our website, we moved from hiding on the dreaded second page of Google to being featured on the first page for our industry’s most popular (and crucial) search terms!

Shanny is professional, thorough, and honest. She was always straight-up with us, and she took the time to explain everything in terms we could understand. She did a fantastic job, we’re stoked with the outcome, and we can't recommend her highly enough!

James - Manta Lodge

I’ve worked with Shanny on numerous occasions now, each experience a positive and rewarding one! She began by fine-tuning my sales page copy for my natural-light photography business. This was such a valuable investment; not only did the words flow, but they also converted and connected!

Shanny also edited my first eBook, and when she came up with the perfect title, I knew that not only had she absolutely nailed my message, but she'd also nailed my vibe. When it came time for a complete business rebrand, hiring Shanny to revise and rework the content for my entire website was an absolute no-brainer!  

Shanny is a dream to work with because she’s so receptive and intuitive.  I appreciate how she takes the time to really listen.  Her knack for asking the right questions makes the process easy and stress-free, and she skilfully and succinctly gets to the core of what I’m trying to communicate to my clients. When it comes to crafting copy, she’s definitely the girl you need on your team.

Michelle - Eyes of Love Photography

Wild Spark Copy was recommended to me while I was working on my business's rebrand (and desperate for help with copywriting). When I read their website, I was instantly sold. I loved the personality that shone through their copy and I knew that this was the help I needed!

Wild Spark Copy has been nothing but amazing to work with; very communicative, mega organised, totally genuine, and downright reliable. They made the whole process easy and lifted this enormous weight off my shoulders while I focused on the things that I’m good at. My final copy was 100% spot on, and I was ready to pop open a bottle of champagne when I received my final files.

Wild Spark Copy are super professional and easy to work with. I 100% recommend you throw all your money at them and work with them. Thank you, Wild Spark Copy, you effin' rock!

Germaine - GermyDesigns

We bribed Shanny to write some kick-ass content for a six-week, funny AF video campaign we were creating for a client.  We chose Shanny because we felt we had a great connection with her on socials and she was just as fabulous in real life when we approached her.

We found working with Shanny to be super easy; she was calm - even though we gave her a ridiculous turn-around time - and great with communication.

Shanny is an amazing copywriter. We can't wait to work with her again, and she was definitely our secret weapon in making this campaign a successful one. Thanks, Shanny, for being a rad and amazing human!

Bec & Kara - Social ConXN

Shanny’s wordsmithery has helped take my business to the next level. Not only was Shanny an absolute dream to work with - she is warm, friendly and professional - but she also provided valuable insights on how I could express myself more effectively through my writing and copy, and completely over-delivered on service by recommending final touches once I had uploaded all the copy into my presentation.

Shanny’s editing superpowers transformed my original copy for my client welcome kit into a piece of writing that I was excited and confident to show other people. Hiring Shanny was an investment for my business that I am so glad I made.

Joanne - Jo ChunYan Designs

Hiring Shanny to completely rewrite the copy for my website has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date.

Shanny is authentic and professional. Crafting copy is genuinely her area of genius. You’d be mad not to hire her for your copy needs.

Heather - Carawirry Forest Escape

Shanny is a copywriting rockstar!

I love the fact that she listened to all the little details I wanted to add to my website and branding, and was able to step inside my brain and write copy that sounded like the best version of what I could have ever imagined writing myself.

Thank you so much, Shan, for all the hours of frustration and overwhelm you've taken off my shoulders!

 Alma Barrero - Stylist/Image Consultant

Shanny was instrumental in the launch of our luxury island accommodation. From the moment I read the first piece of copy, I was absolutely hooked – I didn’t know there were people who could write like that!

Shanny took one look at our boutique bungalows and used her natural talent for words to create website copy that perfectly reflects our values and vision. 

Our guests often comment on our beautifully worded website and we have Shanny to thank for that. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Avi - Lau's Getaway, Niue Island

Shanny has seriously made my life so much easier! It's like she can crawl into my brain, grab the highlight reels of my soul's essence and wordsmith the shit out of them to tell the exact story I want to tell.

On a practical level, she's amazingly efficient, fast-moving, incredibly down-to-earth and is an absolute dreamboat to work with. She is totally in her element doing this work in the world and that's all I look for when hiring help with different components of my biz.

It's all about finding people like her who totally love what they do, are fucking great at it, and have 'that thing' - you know?!

Sarah - The Fifth Element Life


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