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If you want to talk about anything else: travelling, scuba diving, where to find the best salty frozen margaritas, how to cope when you set your face on fire while backpacking in Vienna - a subject I happen to be an expert on - feel free to hit up my inbox directly at shanny(at)wildsparkcopy(dot)com.

FYI: I spend most of my time working on client projects, not hanging out in my inbox.

I will respond to your email within 48 hours (pinky swear). If you haven't received a response from me by then, please check your junk mail folder in case that little f*cker has gone rogue on my ass.

Got a Q but don’t know what to do? Swing by my WTFAQs, just in case the magic answer is already waiting for you.

I also love hanging out on the usual socials and you can find me spending most of my time over on the 'Gram. I can be found at @wildsparkcopy or if you want to see the personal side of the brand, follow me at @shannymatterson. WARNING: May contain adorable baby spam.

Oh, and if you’re just creepin’ for a pricelist? GOTCHA! Sorry dude, but just like hard drugs or soft porn, we don’t throw that stuff around all willy-nilly. Check out the WTFAQs for the hidden answer to your quote-y dilemma.


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