Why I Write...

The lovely and vibrant Che from Life with Che has kindly passed the blog baton on to me and asked me to share my musings on why I write.

FYI, you need to check her shiz out, pronto. The girl is dynamite…

To be honest, I’ve never paused to consider my motivations behind my writing; it’s just something I’ve always done, ever since I was a little girl, furiously scribbling every thought and feeling into her prized Babysitters Club diary.

Yes, I had one of those. I was a child of the late eighties/early nineties. Don’t judge me too harshly.

So I had a good think about it, and this is what I’ve come up with. A behind-the-scenes featurette. My self-exploration of my art. My musings on making words.

This is why I write...

What am I working on?

About a million friggin’ things at once.

At any given time, I have about five to ten different blog posts simmering on the stove that is my subconscious. It’s getting them out of my head and on to the screen that’s the hard part. Interviews, how-to’s, guest posts, personal musings, crossing milestones off my list…believe me, it’s a veritable prose party in my mind.

I have recently started doing some freelance writing for an international travel website, which has been stoking the fires of my wanderlusty ways. I have also started to gain interest from international travel companies who have approached me to review their products and services, which thrills me to no end. I’m hoping it leads to more offers to travel and fund my greatest passion in life.  Hello, free dive trip to the Maldives!

Ultimately though, my dream is to write a book about my experiences as a twenty-something wife who found herself suddenly and unceremoniously dumped by her husband for a younger woman, and the subsequent journey of healing and self-discovery that followed through the writing of one little list.

Think: The First Wives Club meets The Bucket List meets Eat Pray Love.

I’m hoping it will be a bestseller. Or, at the very least, that my ex-husband reads it.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Hmmmm… I don’t think my blog fits into one particular ‘genre’. It’s part travel/part diary/part advice/part who the hell knows.

It’s a reflection of me; indefinable by just one word.

Purposefully eclectic. Delightfully muddled up. A beautiful mess of thoughts and emotions.

But, if I have to answer, I guess what makes my writing different from others is:

1. I’m not a health or wellness blog. There’s a gazillion of those out there [and hey, I read them occasionally], but that’s not my thang. I don’t blog about green juices, or yoga, or crystal healing, or Reiki, or any of that shiz. You have been warned.

2. I have no shame. I write openly, candidly, frankly about my life and my journey from anxious, depressed, dumped ex-wife to the vibrant, confident, independent adventurer that I am today. No subject is off-limits to me, and I explore every issue with my trademark honesty and no bullshit policy…with just a touch of self-effacing humour.

And f-bombs. I fucking love f-bombs.

3. My writing is the truth. Every. Last. Friggin’. Word.

If I’m having a shit day, I’ll tell you.

If I’m deliriously happy, I’ll tell you.

If I’m struggling with something, I’ll pour my heart out onto that page, and sprinkle that shit with parts of my soul.

Hell, I’ll even tell you things that my boyfriend wouldn’t want to hear. [Luckily though, he’s pretty damn supportive of my writing and is an enthusiastic follower of my work. Cheers, babe.]

I will never gloss over something just to make myself look better. I will never write fake shit or make things up just to present a ‘better’ version of my life. I will never write anything that isn’t one hundred per cent me.

There are enough wannabes and posers out there; I’m sure as hell not gonna’ join them.

Why do I write?

Because it’s cheaper than therapy or a cocaine addiction.

Because once upon a time, in a moment of desperation and heartbreak, I searched for words of advice and found nothing. No hope, no inspiration, no guidance for people in my situation. So I thought, ’Fuck it’, and went about creating those words myself. It’s one thing to follow a tribe; it’s quite another to start your own.

Because it has taught me to be vulnerable.

Because I have a voice, and I damn well want it to be heard. For a very long time, I had no voice. No passion. No opinion. Nothing. And I sure as hell will never go back to that life of silence and compromise again.

Because my words matter. 

Because my words help people. And they help me along the way. I refuse to leave this world without making a change, an impact, a difference, somehow. If my words and experiences can help or inspire just one person to rewrite their story with a happier ending, then my job is done.

Because it is my legacy.

Because I have to. Just as we have to eat and breathe to live, I have to write. It’s always been that way.

How does my writing process work?

I’m gonna be honest here, I have no process. I just write when the need is there.

When I feel something aching in my soul, or when I feel the burning need to achieve something.

When I have itchy feet or a heavy heart.

Or when something really pisses me off. That’s a freakin’ fabulous motivator right there…

I will not write about something I don’t care about. I will not be a sellout and endorse shit I don’t believe in, or wouldn’t use myself. I don’t force my writing; if the magic ain’t there, it just ain’t there. I don’t push it. Even when opportunities to cross experiences off my list come along, it still may take me a few weeks to write about it, because I have to wait for the mojo moment to arrive.

Authenticity. Openness. Raw honesty. F-bombs aplenty.

If all of those players aren’t at the game, then I’m not gonna play...

 Righto, let’s pass this shiz along…

Let me introduce you to some of the most creatively driven, ass-kickin’, super babes in my online world.

I’ve never met any of these women in real life; however, I have been following and connecting with them from the very beginning, before FiftyTwo Truths was even born, back in a time when I’d just discovered blogging and was taking my first tentative steps with Let Your Joy Rise, my first ever site.

Simply put, these women are masters of their own domains.

They are inspiring, talented, and fiercely honest with their words. Each and every one of them has had a profound impact on me as a blogger, and I wouldn’t be the writer and creator I am today without their support and inspiration.

Hells yeah.

Monika | MB Captured

Visual vixen. Mumma bear extraordinaire. Creator of FiftyTwo Truth’s logo. Puts up with my vague descriptions in short emails, and creates design magic every time. Trust me, you want her on your team...

Monika spent her working life in the corporate world, working long hours as an executive assistant. Even when she was in that role, there was a longing for more flexibility, more freedom, more walks in the sunshine whenever her spirit called.

And then, last year, Monika rediscovered her creativity through graphic design and photography, and is now running her dream business, MB Captured Photography + Design.  And of course motherhood has given her the confidence, space and passion to really give this a go.

As she so beautifully puts it, “It is like the universe knows when you are on the right path.”

Jenn | Happy Trinity

Blogger babe. Positivity pimp. Irish sister-from-another-mister. The biggest freakin’ international cheerleader an Aussie blogger could ever ask for.


Jennifer is a restless, energetic, independent Sagittarian. Aiming her arrow upward, she is an incurable optimist. A bit of a social vixen and a lover of mixin' & minglin' and a natural wanderer and seeker, Jennifer looks at the sunny side of life and the silver lining to any dark cloud.  

Happy Trinity is Jennifer's shiny corner of the web. This little lifestyle blog is bursting with positive vibes, soul musings, a touch of life coaching, and a side travel and adventures. With bright enthusiasm Jennifer shares her life experiences with the hope of adding value and bringing joy to others.

As a fire sign with a warm heart you will find plenty of love and friendship over at Happy Trinity.

Jess Larson | Hello Wordsmith

Word nerd. Princess of prose. Fellow traveller and adventure-seeker. Exceptionally gifted artist who can take your shit and make it glitter like 24 carat gold, baby.

Jessica Larsen is a wordsmith, creative strategist and full-blown word-nerd. Her blog — Hello Wordsmith — is devoted to helping heart-centred women live a fully realised creative life and make their ideas happen.

Jess has worked with numerous cray-mazing ladies from across the interwebs to help them connect with their tribe, spread their message and bring their visions to life.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her listening to audiobooks, making cupcakes, and researching techniques for avoiding procrastination.

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