Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea.

The Ancient Greeks and the Romans charged across it in their ships. Princess Grace swam in its waters when she lived in Monaco. Hell, even P.Diddy's yacht has cruised through here. And now we can add my name to that impressive list of visitors.

The water was a beautiful aqua colour, the stones on the beach were a challenge to walk across, and the coolness of the water was a refreshing contrast to the scorching summer’s day heat. As I lay on my back, floating in the sea and looking up at the sky, I felt like I could have stayed there forever.

After I came to my senses and dragged myself out of the water, my new girlfriends and I lay on the beach for a while, soaking in the sun, and watching all the cute French boys walk past.

Well, this is the French Riviera, after all - we're talking serious talent here.

To be honest, although the Mediterranean Sea is exceptionally beautiful, I couldn't help but think how lucky we Aussies are to have such exquisite sandy beaches at home.

That's what I love about travelling: It makes you appreciate the things you take for granted in your everyday life.

I will be back, though; in fact, I hope the Med and I will have many more playdates to come.