Snorkelling in Malaysia

I've just spent the day snorkelling on a tropical reef on Palau Payar, a marine park located in between the islands of Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia, with my mum and brothers.

Armed with just my favourite bikini, a snorkel and mask, I spent all day swimming with amazing sea creatures and marvelling at the reef life: massive, brightly coloured fish; sea anemones; coral; crabs, even reef sharks.

I tell you what, there's nothing better than doing underwater backflips on a tropical reef with lots of little fishies all around you...

One of the coolest memories I will always have of today was the moment I found myself gliding above a reef shark for about 200m, following its every move, just pretending to be another creature on the reef. The experience of swimming so calmly with a shark - undisturbed and immersed in his/her environment - was one that I’ll never forget. I was so calm and peaceful just bobbing in the water, feeling so completely free.

I think I found my bliss in those waters.

But to be honest, the very best part was spending time with my family. Now, this may sound weird to lots of people, but the four of us haven't done anything together in over ten years. We're a bit strange like that.

It made me realise how much I really love my mum and brothers, even though we rarely all agree upon anything. Maybe that’s the best memory I have of the whole day: the feeling of togetherness.

Either way, it was one of my most treasured memories of my holiday, and one of the best from the year overall.

So, here's to many more snorkel adventures in the ocean...and to many more adventures with my family.

What I did:

Snorkel safari day trip with East Marine Holidays, including transfers from Penang. Cost from RM$280.

How to get there:

Fly with Air Asia direct into Kuala Lumpur, with a connection to Penang.