Shipwreck Diving on the Sunshine Coast

There are some moments in life that take your breath away.

Sunsets over the ocean. A really good first kiss. That exhilarating first aeroplane ride. The moment you realise you’ve fallen in love. Standing on the edge of…well, anything.

For me, diving a shipwreck is also on that list. In capital letters. With a bullet. And a massive smiley face.

The moment you first glimpse the wreck – overwhelmed by her magnitude, captivated by her beauty – you feel a surge of excitement; you’re inextricably drawn to her.

She commands your attention at every level and demands your finest skills to explore and appreciate her. Every turn. Every door. Every passageway. Every deck.

Floating in near-silence - the steady hiss of your air intake, the gentle gurgle of your expelled bubbles the only sounds permissible – through darkened passageways, the only light available from the torch you clutch in your hand; slowly and precisely frog-kicking your way through her insides; twisting your body gracefully through engines and doorways, openings and rooms.

Waiting to discover something new at every turn. Waiting to be amazed.

Every second inside this magnificent wreck is bliss to me.

So, it looks like I’ve found my calling in diving; my love, my passion, my ráison d'être. And I’ll be happily infected with it for the rest of my underwater days.  

To discover the secrets of such a mighty ship that was once home to thousands of people.

To pay my respects to a vessel that protected our country in times of war and guarded our seas in times of peace, ever-vigilant.

To explore something that once proudly dwelled on the surface and now languishes in its final resting place below the ocean, forgotten and abandoned. 

What I did:

Dive the Ex-HMAS Brisbane with Scuba World, Mooloolaba. Prices starting at $164 for a half-day trip including two dives. Contact Scuba World direct to make a booking. Tell them I sent you.