Never Been Kissed… At Midnight

Sooooo, Dan….What are you doing for New Years?’ I casually (heart thumping) enquired a few weeks ago.

‘Well, there’s this awesome blog I read written by this amazing girl, and she wants to be kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve, so I was kinda hoping I could make that happen for her…’

Yep. That’s what he really said *insert swoon here.*

After years of eager anticipation and unbridled optimism, followed by reoccurring disappointment, inevitably resulting in yours truly ringing in the new year with my good mates Sauvignon and Blanc - and maybe just a few drunken renditions of Cee Lo’s ‘F*** You’ - New Year's Eve 2014 finally delivered the goods. 

According to folklore, the first person you encounter at the beginning of a new year, and the quality of this happenstance, sets the tone for the next 365 days.

It is thought that kissing someone at midnight will strengthen the ties you wish to maintain in the future. It gives us hope that the coming year will be filled with love, connectedness, joy, and success.

You can probably see why I was so damn excited on December 31, then…

Midnight. Toes in the sand. Butterflies in my stomach. Lit sparklers in my hand.

Bright stars in the sky. Fireworks erupting along the coastline. Choruses of ‘Happy New Year!’ ringing out along the beach...

And the raddest dude to rock my world standing in front of me on the ocean’s edge, arms wrapped around my waist, looking into my eyes with a gentle smile resting on his handsome face, before bending down to bestow upon me a kiss so passionate, so heartfelt, so encompassing that it literally took my breath away and left my heart racing…


Well done, Dan – you’ve now set the standard for future NYE kisses. Kudos, babe.

If our magic midnight moment is anything to go by, I can confidently say that 2014 is going to full to the brim with adventure, excitement, laughter, and love…lots of love.

I’m ready. Bring it.

Happy New Year, superstars.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

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