17 Symptoms of Wanderlust

Wanderlust / wan-dah-lust [noun]:  a strong desire to travel.

As a travel writer, I am helplessly and hopelessly consumed by my love and desire for travelling.

Travel is so much more than seeing new places; for me, it's the whole damn journey.

From dreaming and scheming, booking and packing; all the way through to flying and exploring, every step is pure heaven and brings me endless joy.

Travel is like my baby: it can keep me up all night, render me exhausted, cause me pain, mess with my emotions - hell, it can even throw up on me - and I will still always come back begging for more. That's how much it means to me.

So here's my list of top seventeen symptoms of wanderlust, as experienced by yours truly.

Yes, I am guilty of every single one on the list.

Yes, I'm damn proud of that fact.

No, I won't ever be cured...

1. You find yourself getting teary when you walk past a travel agent in your local shopping centre and your friends have to drag you away, crying and heartbroken.

2. You spend your weekends hunting for street food markets and festivals that you can visit to make you feel as if you're in a foreign country again.

3. If your house was on fire, the first thing you'd grab is your laptop/hard drive with all your travel photos. The second thing would be your passport.

4. You have a tendency to start conversations with, "When I was backpacking through…"

5. You can't understand people who have no desire to see the world. Literally, your brain cannot comprehend this. You think they must be an alien race inhibiting human bodies or something.

6. You leave #travelledit as a comment on other people's Instagram feeds when they post photos of your past adventure conquests.

7. Your house resembles Voyager magazine because your walls are plastered with your favourite travel photographs (and subway ticket stubs, maps, entry passes...)

8. When you hear people raving about their new $2,000 Thermomix, you think to yourself, "F**k that, I could live in Thailand for 6 months on that kinda coin…" And you'd prefer that option.

9. You keep your wardrobe to a minimum and stocked with basics that can easily fit into a suitcase at a moment's notice. You like to keep shit simple.

10. You enter every competition you see with the tagline "WIN A TRIP…"

11. Your heart aches when you drive past an airport.

12. Your bucket list is in the triple digits.

13. Making large purchases scares you because you automatically wonder how you're going to sell/pack it away  when you go back overseas.

14. Your collection of Lonely Planet guidebooks is enough to make any librarian swoon.

15. Other people spend hours on Pinterest planning for their dream wedding. You lose hours pinning pictures of your dream travel destinations.

16. You get travel-inspired tattoos so that you can have daily [and permanent] reminders of the thing you love most.

17. You become a travel writer/blogger. 'Nuff said.

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

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